About Tightwad Gamer

Tightwad Gamer is your online guide for a frugal gaming lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Andrew! I started this site in 2017 to share my journey with gaming, interwoven with financial freedom. I believe gaming can be a super consumptive hobby, both in time and money. Over the past several years I’ve learned clever ways to offset my hobby-related costs, and enjoy gaming for a fraction of the cost, all while pursuing my financial goals. I hope you enjoy what’s on the blog.

Whether you enjoy video games, card games, board games, tabletop miniatures, or all of the above, you can easily sink a small fortune into your hobbies. I’m always looking for smart life hacks and creative ideas to make gaming more affordable and life less stressful. I also am a person passionate about the Financial Independence / Retire Early movement, and  frequently integrate these ideas into articles as well.

Tightwad Gamer’s goal is to keep you focused on the joys and thrills of gaming without busting your budget. I hope you’ll stick around to read news, discuss ideas, and get the scoop on in-depth tutorials, that will allow you to pay less, and play more!